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Water Treatment Modeling Software

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Get started with French Creek treatment modeling software by downloading a DEMO version below. Following download, read the installation & activation instructions, below.

DEMO software is strictly for evaluation purposes and is not for commercial use. French Creek Software offers no guarantees or warranty. French Creek Software reserves the  right to deny activation for any reason.

Installation & Activation

French Creek Software Demo

Getting Started Guide

1. Save

Quick Start GuideActivation FormClick and download the installation file (above).

2. Run the Installation

Open the installation file (usually placed in your Downloads folder). Click 'Run'. As the software installs, the window title may display "Not Responding". The program is actively working, checking for past installations. Please be patient, this step may take a moment.

Click 'Next' after each option. It is recommended to use the default directory and settings. Click 'Finish' to complete installation.

3. Open the Software

Your temporary-use DEMO software, should now be available from the Start Menu > Programs > French Creek Folder

Find and open the software. Each time you open the program, it will display a brief copyright and license notice. Click 'OK' each time to accept terms (acceptance of terms required for use).

4. Activation

After accepting terms, the program will generate and display a 26 character SYSTEM ID. Each installation generates a new SYSTEM ID. Press 'COPY ID' and paste the code into the DEMO Release Code request form.

Remember, Release Code requests are not automated. Please expect up to 24 hours for an activation key.

Activation Form