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Edition Guide & Features

  Basic Edition Field Engineer/ Salesman Edition* Formulator/ Product Manager Edition Laboratory Edition
Calculate Saturation Levels
Calculates Common Indices
Profiles 2D & 3D Graphs
Copy/Paste Streams Between Programs
One-Page Summary Printouts
Analytical Unit Selection
Optimizes Dosages (Using Existing Product Files)  
Treatment Limits Summary  
Create Product Files (*.prd)
Input Custom Formulations (collection of inhibitor models)
Develop Inhibitor Models for Incorporation into Product Files (using field & lab data)      
Develop Corrosion Rate Models      
Customization Available Available Available Available

*Please Note: the Field Engineer & Salesman Edition software packages will read Product files (*.prd file extension) and suggest dosages.  These editions come with a limited number of generic Product files, for use as examples.  As outlined above, Product files are easily creatable using Formulator/Product Manager Editions or Laboratory Editions and are easily transferable and usable for dosage modeling by users of Field Engineer or Salesman Edition software packages.

Product files are a collection of inhibitor models and are put together similar to how you would create a physical formulation. For thorough inhibitor modeling, it is recommended to purchase at least one Formulator/Product Manager or Laboratory Edition license, then distribute files created with those editions to users of Field Engineer or Salesman Editions.