Water Reuse Modeling
Mixture Modeling

Confidently Mix Multiple Streams and
Maximize Reuse

DownHole SAT™ or WatSIM™ Mixture Modeling Software, used as part of a French Creek Water Reuse Suite is the ultimate tool in modeling and implementing water reuse within a plant.

Use DownHole SAT and a Suite to:

  • Use Multiple Streams as Cooling Water Make-Up or Reverse Osmosis Feed Water
  • Model Multiple Streams for Compatibility
  • Model Discharge Scenarios, Including Injection Wells

DownHole SAT enables users to visually diagnose scale potential and treatment limits using a Visual Chemistry Approach™.

Cooling Water Blowdown Reuse & Mixed Make-Up Water Sources

Since 1990, WaterCycle® has been a thorough tool for water treaters evaluating cooling water systems for scale potential. Now WaterCycle is an important part of water reuse within a plant.

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Reverse Osmosis Reuse RO Concentrate
& Mixed Feed Water

Reverse osmosis treatment has traditionally been straightforward. With new standards of higher recovery and mixed feed water sources, thoroughly modeling RO chemistry is now critical. Model rigorously with hyd-RO-dose®.

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Reuse Compatibility Modeling of
Multiple Streams For Reuse

Modeling mixtures is more involved than simply adding analytical values. First, determine compatible streams by mixing using WatSIM™ or DownHole SAT™. Then model blend in a new application for reuse or disposal.

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